Monday, June 25, 2007

Tiges break through

I had a terrific night on Friday. Soccer had a late kick-off, so I was able to watch the first half of the Richmond v Melbourne bottom-of-the-ladder clash. By the time I hopped in the car, Richmond were ten goals up, and despite their abysmal record I knew deep down they couldn't lose. Marcus watched the first quarter with me, then went to bed a happy boy, having been assured by Dad that this time, it was really going to happen. Melbourne had the unmistakeable look of a team who thought they would just have to turn up to win - they were dire.

At the soccer we again won pretty comfortably. Sucking in huge lungfuls of air at half-time, I noticed on the TV in the bar that Melbourne were stacking on a comeback. Fortunately I had to direct my attention elsewhere when our game re-started.

We finished (11-3) just in time for me to get a beer and enjoy the last two minutes of the first Richmond win of 2007. In a beautiful bit of synchronicity, the Kingborough Tigers also posted their first win for the season with a stirring comeback against Brighton, in the SFL's bottom-of-the-ladder game.

To quote in full an SMS from a fellow sufferer: "Tiges. Richo. Win. Kickstart. Finals. Flag."

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Mal Leonard Cohen said...

The sort of kickstart the Tiges need would be enough to start the Space Shuttle.