Sunday, June 17, 2007

Taxation Olympics

We went along to the Cascade Fair at the brewery today. It was a little shambolic, but the boys had fun anyway and scored matching black CASCADE beanies. There were something like 150 people there when we arived, trampling the lovely lawns to brown mush. Showbags were sold out long ago, and when we saw what was in them we realised it was a bizarre compendium of tat. Which I guess is what "showbag" means really.

The highlight was chatting to a lady Elf knew slightly, who mentioned the queue we were in was "nearly as long as the queue for the buses at the Taxation Olympics." She works in the ATO, and it appears every year the taxfolk descend on some spot (this year Hobart), and play volleyball. I asked if they argue the nitty gritty when a rule is in dispute? Apparently, yes.

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