Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Bowling Shanes 12 d Late Boomers 5

Last week's match was rained out, so the Shanes convened on Tuesday night ready to blow away the cobwebs with some intense, focused lawn bowls. The Boomers are a middle aged two-blokes two-sheilas side. Both the girls tended to bowl flippers, released from 10-20cm above the turf and liable to do anything. There were a few bowled with the wrong bias, with even Hunter getting into the act.

We went out hard early and led about 6-0 before the Boomers sneaked a point back. Dave and I were in good form and had set up a nice head with 2 shots to us, which Dean blundered into, handing the Boomers their first points.

I was very happy with my form, carrying the kitty with my bowl about four times and being thereabouts about 80% of the time. I am told that pennant standard is when you can get the majority of your bowls within a mat's length of the kitty. I am not there yet.

We finished off the evening by picking up the lucky slab of Pale Ale. The Shanes are unbeaten after two and looking like serious contenders again.


Anonymous said...

A-ha -
I do believe that mischievous bowl I bowled into the cornered kitty soaked up the sand in the gutter and the end was saved. The so called 'blundered' shot was not the best outcome in losing two or three shoots, however no points against us was scored on that occasion with Shanes retaining 1. It was possibly the best Shane head I had ever seen until I joined the head with force. Sorry about that.

(Founding member of The Bowling Shanes Lawn Bowls Club est 2004)

chris rees said...

Sorry Deine, I defer to you. Your memory of your dud shots is probably better than mine.