Thursday, October 25, 2007

Show Day Picnic

After our late night Anna and I and our respective spouses and children got together for a picnic lunch today, Royal Hobart Show Day. I have only been to the RHS once, and maintain a solid abstract commitment to supporting it, while at the same time wanting to do anything with my free day but go to it.

We filled a washing hamper with food and led the kids up the hill behind our house to Wellesley Park, where I was pretty confident we would find a nice bit of dappled shade. We did, plonked there and and ate, and flopped about like seals for a couple of hours afterward. The kids clubbed together and worked out their pecking order, it was great to see. A tree was stripped of berries which were then used for decoration, sports and counting.

After a while we decamped back to the house for coffee. Today was the first day it has been hot enough to enjoy the broad shade that the wide eaves cast on our deck. We had the double doors wide open, and we really felt that we were laughing with friends and dining al fresco, like the people in real estate ads do.

Anna and Nick and Lily and Katherine actually passed Susan, Cameron, Saffy and Immy on their way out. The next shift of visitors was upon us. Susan et al have a standing invitation to drop in as they planted our beautiful apple tree, and need to check on it periodically. We are delighted that people love to visit the house and love to stay once they are here.

This afternoon, I overheard Michael say to three flies he was menacing with a clothespeg: "Straighten up, you bees!"

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