Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bowling Shanes 11 d Bowling Boys Jack High Boys 9

This game swung around a bit. Boys up 0-1. Shanes up 5-1. Boys up 5-9. Shanes crept back to 8-9 down. Getting dark. Boys arrived late and their skip took longer to line up a shot than Matthew Lloyd. Bell rang just before I threw out the kitty with us one behind. Technically should have been game over, I believe. However we picked up three shots and bloused them on the line, 11-9. Shanes A were big 22-6 winners, and took home carton of stubs. Go Shanes. Thanks D'Eane for suppying the name of our opponents here.

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Anonymous said...

Yes I can help here with the opposition name.
The Bowling Boys, led by a man called Cheese Cake, was originally called 'Jack-High-Men'. Merv and Ian from the Bowls Club thought that this was a bit risky and re titled them to Jack-High-Boys. When they start to win Cheese will re title the side to Boys to Men.

(The Bowling Shanes Lawn Bowls Club)