Monday, November 05, 2007

Knackered 14 d PPEFC 4

PPEFC are a team who I thought might match up well against us. Older beardy types who know what to do and how to avoid running. We had everyone but Cam available for this game, so we had 2 subs. I think I prefer having no subs to having 2, because you just don't get quite enough time on court.

Brett tapped in a couple of goals in the first couple of minutes. One of the beardies disputed a decision a little too long and loud, and got the first red card I have seen. He was allowed to be replaced, but not for five minutes. That was pretty much the game. We were in front 10-1 at half time.

PPEFC were much tighter in the second half. They scored twice before we did. I actually thought we were a bit lax all night, and I had been surprised to be so far in front. We eventually steadied and tidied up for a handy win.

Andy was very good in goals, his best game yet. I scored three, Brett four, Paul four, Mel two, Adrian one.

Andy's two boys joined Paul's son Bowen and Marcus at courtside. They spent most of the game running up and down raucously but harmlessly. They all seemed to have a good time. We are playing a lot of 6.30pm games now - its quite odd to be there in daylight.

Next week is the semi-final. We are quietly confident.

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