Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bowling Shanes 14 d Team Unknown 12

I was absent from bowls for Switzerland-related reasons, but one of Southern Tasmania's leading No 2s, Mr David Woodward, has supplied this match report.

We won on the night. Richo took the No. 1 spot but had wild opening bowls – leaving the kitty exposed on many ends. I found the feel of Hunter’s hippos by about end 6 and settled into some tight placings, Deano struggled to fulfill his third man duty and often left Hunter to do the proverbial rabbit out of the hat – which he managed more timed than not. There was a debate over final bowl proximity to the kitty early in the game which unfortunately Ian came to give his expert opinion, which resulted in on of the bowls being kicked away by the moustachioed master, and when we registered our good humoured objections, promptly awarded us the dummy spit award for the night. Our final score of 14 to 12 didn’t recognise the luck of a 7 bowl end in the middle of the game and a 5 bowl end towards the end. The other team had two good bowlers that constantly chipped away at out score. However, in the end, the best team won! Unfortunately no beer was won at the 13th end!

That's right. We only took 3 or 4 ends out of 12 and still managed to win. The other team must have been livid.

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