Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bowling Shanes 24 d Tardy & Snarky 4

Dean was at a ballet workshop in Melbourne, so former star Richie made an appearance, and Hunter skipped.

Once again, details of our opponent's team name elude me. They arrived in dribs and drabs long after we had got sick of practising among ourselves. The game started with T & S represented by 2 players. We scored heavily on the first end. We had a good look, decided there was 4 points there not five, and started to kick the bowls away for the 2nd end, while the Tardies were still wandering down the green. I just hadn't thought about it, usually there is at someone from the other team down at the head looking at the score. When they arrived they cut up a little rough about our lack of etiquette.

One of them got on with the game, and played in a gentlemanly way for the rest of the evening. The other had a chip on his shoulder, called us a very rude anatomical name, and spent the rest of the night wasting most of his bowls to express his anger at the world.

Eventually two more turned up. They all seemed to be ranking public servants from the chatter. They bowled with some skill but no luck, and were hampered by Mr Snarky who was quite prepared to drive while bowling lead. At one stage when he was bowling 3rd, he drove at the head when his team actually held one shot.

He was in a hurry to finish the whole thing off, and when he was leading he didn't wait for my bowl to get even halfway down the green before jumping onto the mat and flinging his bowl pointlessly.

We beat them thoroughly but it wasn't a very enjoyable evening.

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