Monday, November 26, 2007

General News

Elf is away in Switzerland for Chonk & Irma's wedding. She left last Wednesday and will be back this Wednesday - four days travel and only three days actually yodelling, buying cuckoo clocks and generally Swiss-ing it up. Mum and Dad are staying with us for the duration and the boys have been really enjoying it I think.

Knackered played a grading game against a higher division side at indoor soccer on Friday - we put up a very good show and went down 10-9. Quite encouraging.

I am flat to the boards at work, so blogging will be scarce between now and Christmas. I am off to melbourne on Friday night for Michael Lean's 40th birthday. He has asked us all to dress as pirates, but in a fairly restrained way, so that he will obviously stand out as King of the Pirates. Statistical analysts are all the same - just show ponies.

Michael John Rees is also a bit of a show pony, and as his proud father I am happy to aid and abet this. Here is one of his recent typographic creations, and a bit of round-the-house action from the weekend.

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