Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's official - he's as sharp as a tack

Caroline from the Centre for Extended Learning Opportunities assessed Michael for early entry to Kinder two weeks ago. As his 4th birthday is next January, he would normally start kinder in 2009. We have always thought he is very bright and outgoing. He has really taken responsibility for going to the toilet extremely well over the last two months. His reading is phenomenal, and he speaks very well.

Elf was worried Michael would have a bad day and refuse to co-operate, but he was his usual chatty self, and answered all the questions pretty well on the day.

Yesterday Caroline called Elf with the results of the test. She is recommending to the school that he is ready to start kinder. It is now up to the school to offer him a place, subject to the demand for places from kids who are actually four this year. We should find out next month.

Caroline was calm and professional in delivering the news, but she confirmed that he is extremely bright, and that while he did well in the literacy measurements, his strongest area was spatial awareness. She even gave his IQ test score, which was very high, such that he is eligible for Mensa! Wow.

Marcus was assessed and accepted for early entry two years ago. I don't recall being given a score for Marcus (I actually thought IQ tests were out of fashion) but we are chasing that up with CELO now. We are very keen to always be even-handed with the boys, and we certainly know Marcus is a bright spark. He stoically bears the gasps of wonder we bestow on Michael, although he himself is a chess-playing book-reading fact-retaining phenomenon.

We are very proud of both the kids, and I really hope we'll see them together at school next year.

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