Monday, November 05, 2007

Swimming through the bouncy castle

Matilda is a classmate of Marcus'. We were all invited to her birthday party, as her family live up in the misty wilds of Neika, on the flank of Mt Wellington, so dropping off and picking up is not really an option. Having said that, it is only 20 minutes drive from here. Matilda's family have 60 acres of bush, with about an acre of cleared sloping land around the house. They have lovely views over the trees to the D'Entrecasteaux Channel and Bruny Island. Its very quiet and the air is very clean. We sat on the deck and watched the kids range across the green paddock, treasure hunting.

Matilda's parents Charlie and Helga organised it all very well. The kids had a great time and the grown-ups were very well catered for with grown-up food. The first game was a dancing game. Our boys were conscientious objectors - I think they take after me. Charlie very kindly gave the last prizes to the people who were best at sitting down - "Marcus and Michael!"

It rained on and off. There was a hired bouncy castle, which gradually filled with rain. By the scheduled finish time children were being bundled off to their cars absolutely wringing wet. Marcus was also saturated, and told us in thrilled tones of how he swum from one side of the castle to the other (fully dressed).

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