Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bowling Shanes 19 d Ls and Ms 3

This was one of those matches where we bowled well consistently all night, well enough to take the points on ten out of 12 ends. Alli filled in for Hunter who was absent, possibly for Melbourne Cup related reasons. Let's say he picked up the quadrella. Alli's girls were along for the night as well, helpfully squealing "Muummmm!!" each time she was about to release a bowl.

We all bowled pretty well and kept the pressure on all night. Our leader Dean was looking stunning in a watermelon crepe de chine sheath dress, with a very fetching Guy Sebastian wig and just a touch of lippy and rouge. Out of consideration for the turf he left the stilettos at the gate. He skipped with authority, panache and a little bit of flair, such as his handstand when he pulled out a perfect drive to save 3 points on one end. It's a shame he was going commando, but then, when doesn't he?

The Shanes / Shanes A franchise has won 8 from 8 so far. We are actually in the same roster this season, so at some point an Evening of Reckoning will occur. There can only be one winner, although if we get the same number of points there will either be 2 winners or no winner, depending on how you look at it.

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