Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Bowling Shanes 20 d ABC Allstars 8

We took a little while to sort this mob out, but ended up with a comfortable win. Their skip was a precision driving demon, and saved them seven or eight points with a couple of crackers. There is one roster round to go, and we sit atop the wobbly ladder.

Sadly, this counts for nothing, as once again the clowns at Derwent City Bowls Club have screwed up running the comp. Last season we had our finals on Sunday morning, as no-one at DCBC had noticed daylight savings was coming to an end. This time they have somehow scrambled their spreadsheet, and lost a few wins here and there. So Tuesday-week will be a winner-takes-all, one night lucky dip final. Whoever wins their match by the biggest margin will be crowned champions, and the preceding ten weeks have been essentially practice matches. I am slightly miffed.

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