Friday, December 28, 2007

More ham, anyone?

Christmas sailed by in usual irresistible style. I am not the most Christmassy person, to be honest. I will make an effort to be more so next year, as a lot more organisation and energy is required of Elf when I am such a slug.

Elf's parents Bill and Felicity arrived a few days prior from Canberra, having brought their car on the ferry. They brought a delicious organic ham with them all the way from the inland. My mum and dad are down this way too, staying at the caravan park at Snug. They came up for Christmas Day, and joined us for lunch and dinner. Sally and Matt came for lunch and brought their pals Brita and Martin, visiting from Norwich, UK. As we weren't sure of numbers for lunch we did a bit of a cold smorgasbord on-your-lap arrangement. For dinner we had a roast with not quite enough chicken, but plenty more ham padding it out.

At lunchtime we forgot to make the cubed parboiled potato chunks into potato salad, so Elf roasted them in the evening. We forgot to put them on the table, so we took them with us to visit Mum and Dad for a Boxing Day picnic at Snug. At the caravan park I put them in the fridge, and there they stayed. I don't think get these Dutch Creams again - we will choose a more memorable variety of potato next time.

The boys had a lovely time, and they have been very well behaved despite some sleep deprivation. Marcus received a bag of marbles and a totem tennis set (among other things) and has been enjoying himself in age-old fashion with these. Sally gave Michael a huge bag of foam letters - now he has enough to make A PIXAR ANIMATION STUDIOS FILM.

More on Christmas when time allows.

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