Friday, January 18, 2008

6 under par at work

We have a putt returner (see above), putter and 3 golf balls at work. Its a clever machine - when the putt is on target, a battery powered mechanism spits it back to you, quite forcefully. I've never been very successful with it here at Gore Street. In the old church in Hill St I once sank a thirty-footer, which has given me delusions of adequacy ever since.

It's a very quiet week here, and so the putt returner has been getting a major workout. Yesterday we introduced some innovations. First I swapped the hole and the "tee" around so we had to putt uphill (our floor is very wonky). Then Nathan improvised a ramp. With one's back to the hole one putted up the ramp and hoped for a good roll back into the hole. Then we put the machine on the table, using the ramp to gain access. I am proud to say I scored here with a billiard-style trick shot (first attempt). I addressed two balls just touching, struck the rear one, propelling the front one up the ramp and in. GOALLLLL!

I have always wanted to make the whole exercise more like mini-golf, with a series of shots. And I thought it was time to "explore the studio space". So I went upstairs and teed off from the large edit suite. Nathan called it a par 16. I was onto the stairs* in one. I called Fore! and got a reasonable shot out into the hallway, but was left with a tricky lie behind a camera case.

A bit of fiddling around and I was in sight of the hole, shooting for a 7. I missed the machine altogether, and went into the rough (a bundle of ethernet cables). We checked the rules and it is OK to move cables but NOT peripherals. I wound up in the hole in 10.

*That will stand now as a course record, because what I didn't know is that the staircase in this old building is heritage listed. Playing golf up and down it is specifically verboten.

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