Monday, January 14, 2008

Closing the 3013km gap

Its been a giddy social week or so since the last blog. I was going flat stick at work until five days ago. All the senior people have now been waved off on flights to the UK, with bags full of e-learning goodness. At short notice it was suggested I take a week off, so here I am.

Our Perth-based mates have all been "home" for Christmas, and they came to see us and have a look at the fabled house about which we won't shut up. I just looked up the distance between our actual homes, and its about 3013km. Big country isn't it?

Jon and Wendy and their 2 y.o. twins Sam and Isabelle came for pizza dinner on Thursday night. I was still working, I was extremely tired and I now can't remember anything anyone said. They liked the house, and Jon had a few spectacular swings on the rope swing up the back. He's a triathelete, so it was particularly Tarzanic. Wendy and I and a few other folk shared a house at uni. She is the only person I know to successfully combine legal practice (corporate litigation speciality) with Scottish Country Dancing (sword dance speciality).

Phillip and Andrea and their kids Isobel and Ronan came to see us too. Ronan is a year younger than Michael, and Isabel is about a year older than Marcus. They all got on famously (why do we say that?) especially when the talk turned to poo and wee. I had to rush off to Launceston before they had been with us long. Luckily they will still be around tomorrow, and the boys and I will have another chance to catch up with them, at Seven Mile Beach.

Andrea and I met in the ditch around the cricket ground at Burnie High School, when we were about four. Our dads taught there, and were playing cricket at the time. We didn't see each other after that for years, then hooked up again in Grade 11 and 12, in among a crowd of other friends. We shared in a certain amount of teenage boozing - nothing too outrageous. It always seemed to involve very long walks in the small hours.

I have known Phillip a long time now too. He is a very intelligent, gentle and funny man, formerly with a penchant for sudden and complete nudity. His No 7 home brew from 1987 is still the best beer I have tasted.

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Philip said...

I wish I was a blogger
I could post photos and write smart stuff
But instead I make beer, grow veg, get naked
And that's enough!

Fond memories. Thanks from all of us.

I note that you didn't visit the parents while in Triabunna. Probably safer that way, especially if you had to drive somewhere afterwards! Love the photos, they made us very homesick. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ELF!!!!!!