Monday, June 30, 2008

Knackered 17 d DOTWS 3

I have not been reporting the soccer matches much lately as I suppose it gets a bit repetitive. There is only so much variation in the basic plot of eight blokes running around with a soccer ball. I might be wrong but I doubt anyone is on the edge of their seat wondering if we have been winning or not.

In fact we are on top of the ladder. Our last two games have been very good tight tussles with a one goal margin, a win and a loss. This week against a notoriously soft team we scored a good win, just about par I reckon. We have a bye this Friday the then the finals start.

The twist is that the ladder awards bonus points for paying your registration early and things like that, so its a bit misleading as a form guide once the knock-out finals begin. We are probably the second-best team on a head-to-head basis. But we are the earliest-paying team, and we can hold our heads high on that account.

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