Monday, June 23, 2008

Lindy's birthday

We all went up to Launceston on Saturday to attend my old schoolfriend Lindy's 40th birthday shindig. She decided to relive the crazy days of her youth and have a bush dance. It was actually good fun with an experienced caller who knew what he was on about getting everyone heading in the right direction. The evening had a wholesome youth-group type feel to it that is very Lindy.

Michael did his own mysterious but funky balloon dance all night. Marcus was terrific - he really embraced bush dancing, and had an unselfconscious good time. He got a bit rowdy at one stage, and was ticked off, and started in on a bit of a sulk, but managed to get himself out of it. That's a very good sign.

We stayed with Joe and Jill and baby William in Invermay. Before we went out to the party Joe and Marcus and I gathered around the radio with our heads in our hands as Richmond hung on to beat Port Adelaide by 4 points. We were outscored 5 goals to 1 in the final quarter. Hope springs once more that we might sneak into the finals. There to be poleaxed by a serious contender like Geelong, no doubt.

William is looking much more grown up now, and has more hair than his Dad. Joe and Jill are in the midst of adding on a studio out the back of their house where there used to be a couple of sheds. I can't quite see how the studio is going to be a huge improvement over the sheds, but that is entirely due to my lack of imagination.

On the way back to Hobart yesterday, I gave Marcus the part of the newspaper with the footy match reports to keep him quiet. Michael wanted some newspaper too, so I gave him a bit that happened to have some business news and financial world stuff in it. After a few minutes Michael asked "Dad - Is the Australian stock market going to keep falling?" We cracked up. It turned out he was directly quoting the headline of a large ad.

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