Monday, August 25, 2008

BMX in Beijing

There is SO much I want to write about the Olympics. It is the most massive regular event on earth (except perhaps the Jagganath hindu festival in India - must look that up) and so always turns up all the extremes of human behaviour;
  • a man running 100 metres in 10.69 seconds
  • Georgian and Russian athletes embracing while their armies pound each other at home
  • Officials using their short moment in the spotlight to advertise their mind-numbing stupidity
  • China refusing to issue ANY permits to protest in their specially set-up Protest Parks
More on all that later. I just wanted to quote the Coodabeen Champions who on ABC Radio last night reflected on the inclusion of BMX riding in the Games (the synchronised swimmers must be enjoying some respite from ridicule).
Billy: Well, with BMX riding in the Games they'll have to include Graffiti next.
Ian: How about just Hanging Round the Shops as an event?

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