Monday, August 18, 2008

Taking Fred for a walk

Fred came over from Melbourne to spend the weekend with us. We did a lot of Boxing-Day-style flopping around and eating, with Imp and Ed and the girls as well. The kids adore Fred, and he takes his role as science guru to the under-9s very seriously.

Yesterday we broke out of the endless rounds of coffee and sandwiches to go for a short walk on the mountain. It has been snowing on and off for a week, but not until yesterday did the clouds part. The road was closed at The Springs, but as often happens, the snow had receded to a long walk up from there.

We contented ourselves with a stroll to Sphinx Rock. The view up to the pinnacle from there is superb, and we can look directly down on our house as well (if you can find the tiny arrow on the picture, that's it)

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