Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Old-timey day

This year is the 150th anniversary of the founding of the boys' school, South Hobart Primary. Last week was the designated week of celebrations, with old scholars and staff invited back for an assembly, and special receptions on Thursday and Friday night. The school was open for tours on Saturday. It that all sounds worthy and a bit yawnsome - think about 1858! Transportation of convicts ended in 1853. The place wasn't even called Tasmania until 1856.

Thursday was Re-enactment Day, and all the kids dressed in short pants and caps and bonnets and so on, the teachers wore dress up too, and they did fingernail inspections. Here is Marcus - looking ready to pick a few pockets.

I went along to a morning tea in Michael's class, and there were grandparents there who attended the same school. In the school hall there is a great display of old photos of sports teams, duces of the school and so on. I spotted the mum of one of Marcus's friends - she was dux of 1B in 1969! I pointed her out and said "who does that look like?" Marcus said "BLAKE!!" They still live about 10 minutes walk up the rivulet from the school.

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Matthew K said...

Nice poster - very Emigré that.