Friday, July 24, 2009

Buzz Aldrin

We have to be very careful talking about the Moon landings here at work. We have a hard-core denier, who will happily stop working and start shouting for ten to twenty when the subject comes up. I have proposed the ladies toilet (which has fairly light traffic) as the venue for any such discussions, at which time it will be referred to as the Moon Room.

Now - I was just checking on Buzz (2nd person to walk on the moon) on Wikipedia. I can't say any of this out loud without going to the Moon Room so I will share it with you instead, internet. Here are some discussion points.

His mother's maiden name was Marion Moon

The other astronauts nicknamed him Dr Rendezvous

He actually gave himself communion on the moon. He was a Presbyterian church elder, and took a Home Communion Kit with him, given to him by Reverend Woodruff.

He played the role of Reverend Woodruff in the 1996 TV movie Apollo 11 - he himself was played by Xander Berkeley.

He made a rap single with Snoop Dogg, Quincy Jones, Talib Kweli, and Soulja Boy called "Rocket Experience".


Wendy said...

The way cooler story is why is your co-worker so berzerk?

Also, how can Buzz possibly give himself communion on the moon while wearing a space helmet?

Both of these questions will keep me up tonight, so thanks for that.

Also, the Qataris are MINE.

chris.dadness said...

Co-worker has various issues. Loves a good conspiracy theory, and loves to bang a desk. Buys Red Bull by the crate.

After my first Qatar I had United Arab Emirates and Jordan in quick succession. Your hold on the Middle East is weakening, lady.

Wendy said...

We have cut off access to the southern coast. You'll have to get your help from the Turks now!

chris.dadness said...

Turks just rang - they say yeah, whatever. Its on!

I imagine Buzz did the process =inside= the lunar lander, suit off.

"Whoahhhh - Armstrong, couldja just biff that tube of wine back towards me?"