Monday, July 06, 2009

Michael gallery

Some of Michael's recent output.
Map of the school and a list of the streets around it. Note fish in the rivulet.

A game Michael made up called Mrs Cat's Mieouw Money™. I asked him what the ™ means and he said he had seen it on logos and things.

Crazy Frog Hops. When he writes little letters in among the capitals that is a guide to pronouncing it the way people do on TV (ie an American accent).
Plenty going on here: Spy Killer Rader, only kills badies.
Some more Scorpion Island inspired bizzo. Total Drama Island is a terrible more-grown-up kids show than came on after it.

Michael must have heard about Michael Jackson at school. Oh! He wouldn't tell me what the crossed out bit meant.
Alien juice recipe - the green splash on the right is some prepared alien juice.
Another potion recipe. Two lizard / tails, one oc/topus eye. a dr/op of chili / sauce. boil all together. / cool in the moonlight.

No robbers aloud. Money is aloud.


Wendy said...

He needs his own line of greeting cards. You should check out that as an option. I mean, if you can't exploit your children's talent I'm not really sure what a blog is for.

chris.dadness said...

He designed our Christmas card last year. You're definitely right, he's going to be six in January and the clock is ticking. How much longer can this naive-yet-frighteningly-well-informed period last?