Sunday, July 12, 2009

Misc. diary notes

Rode 12 km on the exercise bike in 26:10, previous best was 27:30.

Last week I did roast chicken stuffed with an orange - didn't twig that I was supposed to cut orange into quarters. Poor chicken. Very tasty but. I haven't roasted anythingfor a couple of years.

Michael has been coming out with "I wish you were dead!" etc when he doesn't get his way. It doesn't bother me although no-one has ever wished me dead before. Nice change at the market yesterday - boys and Elf were returning home leaving me on the Amnesty stall. Michael grumbling "why isn't Dad coming? It's no fun without you Dad". So I'll treasure that for when he is next calling for my termination.

For the first time I have seen footage of myself playing soccer. Am now on a diet.

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