Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blog Filler from the internets

I have not had that happy knack of converting actual real life into blog nuggets, of late. Sorry about that. As a sort of blog polyfilla, here is a list of successive Wendy's slogans down the years. To clarify - this is the enormous US burger chain, not the Australian nauseatingly-pink ice cream franchise.

Have you noticed that "Where's the Beef?" is the punchline of about 10% of all American sitcom and buddy-movie jokes? Well that's a Wendy's slogan from about 1984. As I listen to a few US pop culture podcasts, but am not well-travelled, every now and then I am curious to find out what the hell an Arby's or a Quiznos or a Wendy's is.

Anyway, here is the history of Wendy's slogans. In Wikipedia there were dates but they all overlapped so I have left them out.

* Quality is our recipe
* Juicy hamburgers
* Hot-n-juicy
* Wendy's has the taste you crave
* Ain't no reason to go anyplace else
* You're Wendy's kind of people
* Parts is parts [I have no idea what that means]
* Where's the beef?
* Choose fresh, choose Wendy's
* Give a little nibble
* The best burgers in the business.
* The best burgers and a whole lot more
* You can eat great, even late
* It's hamburger bliss.
* It's better here
* It's always great, even late. (Canada)
* Do what tastes right.
* It's good to be square. [their burgers are square]
* That's right.
* Uh huh.
* Hot juicy burgers
* It's waaay better than fast food... It's Wendy's
* It's waaaaaaaaaay delicious. It's Wendy's. (Canada)
* Carrément bon. C'est Wendy's. (Québec, Canada)
* You know when it's real.
 and finally
* Es Muuuuucho Más Qué Comída Rapida, Es Wendy's (El Salvador)


Wendy said...

Thanks for the flashbacks. I've had to endure a myriad of Wendy's jokes over my adolescent life. And sometimes still since I have immature friends. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am a big chested, blonde Wendy.... in high school, I made the mistake of working at a Wendy's... every person that came in either asked me if I'd show them my beef' or if I owed the place! I always had the same answer....."if I owned this place, do you think I would be wearing a striped hat?".

WendyQ said...

Enjoyed your blog. I am another Wendy...a red headed Wendy to boot. I have spent time being refered to "Wendy Thomas" in University :)

chris.dadness said...
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chris.dadness said...

Hey, the Wendy's are here!

In Australia we have a yucko ice-cream and doughnut chain called Wendy's, that only exists to bribe tired whining kids in shopping malls.

Does anyone know what "parts is parts" actually meant?

WendyH said...

Hey from another Wendy! I used to get teased about another Wendy's slogan when they started selling baked potatoes. Slogan was "Wendy's Hot Stuff". It's funny to me now but it wasn't then. Thanks for the great blog!

Wendy said...

Parts is parts

chris.dadness said...

Ah, thanks Wendy Nº 5, now I understand. Have a great day, Wendies of the World.