Monday, May 17, 2010

Light yelping

I took the morning off today, to ease Winston into life as an unaccompanied daytime dog. I left him at lunchtime and he had to amuse himself in the back yard until Elf and the boys got home at 3. Caron next door reported some light yelping but he seems to have generally got on OK.

We spent most of the morning lounging in the sun up in the backyard. Winston loves a good sleep, so I caught up on some reading. I went off for a couple of short walks on my own, to get him used to the idea that I was not planning to hold his paw all day. Then before I left I took him for the same walk as yesterday. I decided I would not be carrying him home this time. When he flopped down I just waited for a while, coaxed him up and towed him a little. At one stage he realised he had just walked over the top of something interesting, put his nose down and back to inspect it while his big back feet kept a-floppin', and executed a forward roll.

Apart from that, I just sat and enjoyed the sun. I watched a tractor churning up the chicken farm hill over the way. Our three magpies flew overhead teaming up to chase off a goshawk.

And to top things off in the slice-of-real-life-going-on-while-I-am-usually-at-work stakes, as I strolled past the pub on my way to work at lunchtime, a couple of alkies came out manhandling a carton of Tooheys Red and congratulating each other on cracking a trifecta - before nearly wandering under the wheels of a small truck.

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