Monday, August 16, 2010

Talking toast

Michael has been inspired by an activity at school, where they had to design a poster promoting the good food in the canteen. He did one poster at school that we haven't seen, and has knocked out a few at home featuring things that I'm pretty sure they don't actually stock, such as hamburgers and cans of Coke.

This one was further inspired by us running out of milk this morning. Marcus was put out that he'd only had one bowl of cereal, then Elf suggested some honey on toast.

The message of this motivational poster is:

It Dosen't Matter! (just have honey on toast.)
Bakers Bread: Put me on a plate!
Bakers Bread (afterthought): But put me in a toaster first!
Soft Butter: Spread me on Mr Bread!
Golden Bee Honey: Spread me on Mr Butter!
Knife: Use me!
Spoon: Use me too!
Toast: You herd em! Man!
Mouth with legs: Yum!
I am thinking of nominating this as the best thing ever. Seconded?


Nobody said...

Hey Savoury-Toast-Man, all I will say is apples, and trees.

chris.dadness said...

1. OK, so apples first, trees second, THEN this? Is that right?

2. Remind me, did someone bring out my lunch at Mummy's Cafe one day and say "Who is savoury toast man?" - ?

Nobody said...

1. Apples + Gravity + Proximity = Heredity

2. I first heard the phrase applied to you - by you. But your reference to location is spot on.

chris.dadness said...

1. I think he's an original. Possibly a new species.

2. I am self-styled, and that extends to my hair.

3. Nice threads.