Friday, August 20, 2010

That's Super-Duper

Here is a list of various good things, to balance out my somewhat whingey list from the other day.
1.    Marcus is officially Australia's 12th ranked under 8 chess player. He is practically unbeatable at school now.
2.    Today I bought the Assassination Vacation audiobook with my iTunes voucher from my birthday in March (thanks Sal and Matt). It is John Wilkes Booth-tastic.
3.    In related news, the World Book encyclopedia (1979 edition) calls confederate general Stonewall Jackson "the bible-quoting lemon-sucking infantry genius". How much work do I need to do before I die, to earn a description like that? Lots.
4.    I like the quiet moment when you drive under a bridge in a rainstorm. A hiatus.
5.    There She Goes by The Las - perfect pop song from 1988
6.    The Devil With the Green Eyes by Matthew Sweet - perfect pop song from 1993
(I have tried and failed to embed little samples of these tracks - I'll try again when I am not doing it over dial-up).
7.    Hattie is a very predictable miaow-er. If she hasn't seen you for a while, you get a miaow. Pat her on the head - another miaow. Pat her again - another miaow. This goes on for about another 4-6 pats, with diminishing returns. Lately I have been taking advantage of her predictability, and dueting with her on Downtown by Petula Clark.

8.    I like the fact that "cyborg" sounds a lot like "sideboard". I can see a day when I have a long, low cyborg, maybe with beautiful walnut veneer. When someone asks 'where are the salad servers?' I will say "top drawer in the cyborg there" - and they probably won't notice a thing until the cyborg's drawer opens automatically, and it maybe does a bit of a dance.


Nobody said...

After that description, 'Hiatus' must now go on my (very short) list for car names I'd like to see:

The Daihatsu Hiatus (I see it as a hybrid soft top convertible)


The Holden Caulfield (must inlude ciggie lighter and ashtray as standard)

chris.dadness said...

I'd love a Caulfield GL - would it have rear venetians as standard?

I owe you some beverages by after today's events in the Docklands area.

Nobody said...

Rear Venetians on the Caulfield GL, and the GXL would also have a leather 'boot' around the gear shift, and a turned wooden shift knob, no hang it, the GXL would have turned wooden knobs for everything.

If Jack cracks the ton(ne) I'll reciprocate. Then you could say, Jack won the Coleman, and nobody bought me two long necks.