Monday, August 09, 2010

Towel news

Things have been a little busy at home. Elf's parents, my parents, Karri, Miah and Fred have all stayed on and off over the last two weeks. We had 9 for dinner a few times, then slimming down to 7. Last night just 6, and tonight just 4. Sigh.

We have a big house, and we certainly don't have to worry about having guests sleep in the kitchen the way we used to. But one of the main areas where it causes mayhem is towels. We own probably about 20 towels, yet at the moment there are about 47 of them hanging here and there. As we don't have any actual towel rails, this means; the exercise bike, doorknobs, desks, chairs, the typewriter, and the scale model of our old house (which is just big enough for a bathmat).

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