Friday, December 03, 2010

Crime fiction

Crime novels are pretty much all the same aren't they? Mostly murders, and most of those always turn out to be serial killers, who taunt the investigators by leaving clues. Yawn. Lots of loose-cannon detective sergeants who don't do things by the book, but get results. They have to hand in their badge and gun after one too many controversies, but they solve the crime and clear their name. Double yawn. Police procedurals. Heists. Capers. Audacious swindles by international criminal masterminds - with lots of luxury brand names dropped in for good measure.

Well, forget all that. I am going to start a startlingly original stream of crime fiction, featuring mostly parking offences, vandalism and infringements of municipal noise-pollution bylaws. Look out for book one, Bin Kickers, in airport bookshops everywhere, this Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious. And I actually think it could work. I look forward to hearing more!

chris.dadness said...

Thanks! I am going to start by designing the covers of the whole series - moody photomontages of parking meters, spray cans, people smoking in public, and perhaps a few unrestrained dogs.

Book 2: Heel Sparky! Heel!