Thursday, December 30, 2010

My beautifully ugly retaining wall

Put in the earplugs gang, I'm about to blow my own trumpet. I love my retaining wall! And it's not even finished. You will only realise how accomplished I feel if you have seen my soft graphic designer's hands, or seen me accidentally gash myself using a screwdriver. I simply cannot do this tooly stuff. And yet, there it is.

Sure, its not retaining anything yet. I don't even know what to plant in it. But it feels solid, it's used up a bunch of old timber we've had lying around, and I feel good having just barreled into it with the tools and materials I had, and solved problems that came up as I went along.

My buddy and frequent blog commenter Nobody gave me some sage advice and my dad did a bit of digging, but part from that, its all my own preposterous work.

Michael measures wall with giant calipers
I know, fantastic, right?
I am a "tools all over the place" type of tradesman.


Nobody said...

Wow! Anybody can see that nobody gave you good advice.

IT IS ALLY said...

I like it because it is EXACTLY what I would make if tasked with retaining wall creation.

Good Job!

Also now you can wear overalls and talk loudly about DIY, should you choose to do so.

chris.dadness said...

Thanks for agreeing with me that I'm awesome. Note to anyone (Ally) thinking of trying this: the green string in pic 3 is very important.