Saturday, January 01, 2011

Inflatable pool world record beckons

Elf bought the boys a 2.5m circular pool for Christmas. It was from both of us of course, but she runs the show when it comes to gift selection and procurement. If she's lucky she gets a grunt of agreement from me, and nothing more. Of course when the gift is unwrapped to delighted squeals, I am beaming proudly and giving the general impression it was all my idea.

This pool had a few teething problems - it needs to be on perfectly level ground. Elf got hot and bothered about all the details, digging up and levelling the yard, while I had a cool drink and leafed through a magazine.

Yesterday, New Years Eve, it was finally ready. The kids had a splash, had fun, got out, and then at some point went next door to watch TV. I had been running around cleaning and so on, in preparation for NYE guests. I felt hot and sticky, and I thought, well, I'll jump in the kids' little pool.

Well, it's glorious! I can actually swim in it! It's not deep enough for freestyle but if I hook my feet over the side I can breaststroke OK. I swam a bit, then sat back and enjoyed the view - it happens to be set up in the spot in the yard with the best view. Elf brought me a piña colada iceblock. Heavenly. Then back to the exercise.

After 200 strokes (which I'm calling 100 metres) I climbed out feeling fantastic. And I was not that far outside the world record.

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