Sunday, January 02, 2011

Mementoes mori

Michael brought this beautiful drawing home from school. I think someone visited from the local museum, with some skulls for the kids to draw. Michael added the pygmy blue whale skull [top right] from memory - we saw it at the Melbourne Museum back in March.

In dimly related news, Michael was in a low mood this morning, muttering about how mean Elf and I are, as he often does. "Why do I have to live here?" is another of his recurring moans, with the popular variant "Why do I have to live in this world?"

Today he started another tack. "I wish I was an orphan!" I tolerated this.

"Do you know where I wish you and mum and Marcus were? In heaven!!!" Now I got a bit shirty with him.

Me: So - you actually wish I was dead? Hmm. And how would you like me to die?
Michael: Time bomb.
Me: Right. What about Mum?
Michael: Time bomb.
Me: Marcus?
Michael: Time bomb.

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