Monday, January 31, 2011

Hollywood on the Gold Coast

I have never been to Hollywood on the Gold Coast, so I don't know what they have going on there these days, but the old ads used to show Beetlejuice walking around. Walking funny. I guess he had some kind of spring-loaded stunt-tongue or something. Anyway, I always thought it was a pretty out-of-mind movie for them to be promoting in that way.

It (Beetlejuice) was on TV the other night and we just got to talking here about H on the GC and what other movies might be represented there. Feel free to make your own list of funny incongruous films at this point (mine was The Unforgiven, Honey I Shrunk The Kids, and Bridges of Madison County).

Dave suggested Trainspotting - I am giving him 4 and a half stars for that but 5 for myself for suggesting they have a ride where you go down the toilet like Renton, then come out down the coast at Seaworld, in a pool full of seals.

There would be queue around the block for this

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