Saturday, January 08, 2011

Dateline: hammock

This is the first post I have ever written in a hammock. And so far it's going fine, d'you reckon?

I am supervising neighbour children in the pool. It's been one of those days where someone runs past you and asks for a vegemite sandwich, and you have to ask them their name. Imp and Ed came over with the girls, and brought with them some tiny yet troublesome blonde girls. Now there are two boys in the pool and two more lying on our small trampoline, with Winston. Marcus is well over visitors, and is downstairs having his weekly dose of internet games.

Our kids are big fans of Powdergame, which I think i've mentioned before. For Michael the computer is just a machine on which to play Powdergame. He will make a "cannon" out of "rock", fill it with "C4 explosive", "oil" and "fireworks", and then splash in some "magma". Kablooie.

Now everyone's out of the pool. Both of mine are down with the computer, and a bunch of visitors are playing a full-contact soccer match on our small deck. [...]  Since the last sentence they have almost broken a window, I relocated them off the premises, I joined in a game of 3 v 2 in a tropical downpour, then we wrapped it up when lightning started zagging in our neighbourhood. Soon after we got home there was almighty flash and the biggest clap of thunder I have ever heard in Hobart. They were about 2 seconds apart. The hound was a bit alarmed but he got over it very quickly, and there hasn't been any more.

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