Saturday, January 15, 2011

Train journeys 3 - Ripponlea to Moorabbin return

Ripponlea to Moorabbin return (changing at South Yarra), Melbourne, 1999. 
I moved to Melbourne at the end of 1998. I was setting up a flat, and I had just discovered Ikea. I had my heart set on the star item in the catalogue - a $32 dinner setting for 4. They had two stores in distant suburbs. I decided to get out there by train the next Sunday, no matter what. On Sunday it was raining like standing under the shower. I was saturated by the time I got to the station. It took forever and two trains to get to Moorabbin. I had dried off a bit, just in time to get drenched again. Ikea was handily located 25 minutes walk along a major highway from Moorabbin station. I got there, damply claimed my box of crockery, glassware and cutlery, and turned around and walked back down the highway. On the train home I clutched my dinner set, as a puddle formed around me. By the time I got in the door, it had probably taken me about 5 hours to join that big, happy Ikea family.

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