Monday, January 03, 2011

Not cricket

Somehow I had the idea that the 5th Test, the so called "New Year Test", would start on New Year's Day. Around 10 I put on the radio, keen to hear the blokes-in-the-shed style warm up from the commentary team. Some ragging about someone's big night on New Year's Eve, someone else's silly hat, or beer gut, or new beard. And some analysis: will we win? Might they win? Might it be... a draw? Etc. Good simple manly stuff.

On the radio a lady was interviewing another lady. Turns out the test wasn't starting for 2 more days. The interviewee had bravely survived leukemia. She had 2 children and obviously this was all very tough on them.
Interviewer: And while you were sick you had a very difficult decision to make about your relationship with Frank.
Interviewee: Yes. Although he had done a terrific job looking after the girls while I was in hospital, when I came out he just continued as he had before. I was bald, I was very weak from the chemo, and he just couldn't see that. The physical abuse resumed and for the sake of myself and the girls' safety I just had to end that relationship.
Wow. And people think test cricket is complicated. Today the cricket started and I could just listen to the radio without all that thinking and feeling.

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