Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A very colander Christmas

OK, there was a small breakdown in communications, and Elf was given two colanders. Sally documented the ensuing hijinx with her iPhone - which has somehow made it look like a shoot for Wallpaper magazine.


IT IS ALLY said...

Oh man I was SO ready for a photo of colander-on-the-dog. Or two-colander bra.

Also, I'm impressed by the bath conversation - I'm pretty sure my sister and I never went far beyond "Oh no, your My Little Pony has fallen out of the bath all the way over the other side of the room."

Wait until they start trying to read books in the shower.

wv = pandi = handi-towels designed specially for zookeepers of Panda.

chris.dadness said...

Sorry to disappoint - colander antics were a little restrained. What's better - a good bodice-ripper novel in the shower, or beer in the shower?

IT IS ALLY said...

There is no rule saying you can't have both.

I'm pretty sure I read the majority of Ken Catran's Deepwater series in the shower. Found the books a few years ago and they are rather water-stained

wv - 'nonag' - reason No. 1 not to live with women?

chris.dadness said...

I thought Catran's Deepwater series was more about baths. Wak wak, the dad jokes just don't stop.