Thursday, June 09, 2011

One of my favourite places in the world

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This is in the grounds of Marist College, about a 1 minute walk from the house I lived in from 0-17. I spent quite a bit of time roaming the grounds, either kicking a soccer ball, riding a bike, chipping golf balls around (and losing them by the dozen), or just walking. This was a favourite place to sit, look out to sea, and mope, in that classic teenage-boy way.


Michael L said...

Is it odd that the Google Truck dived between the trees and managed to snare some great shots of that view (rather than stick to the exit road)? Maybe the local Google contractor-driver was an ex-Marist student with similar daydreamy memories

chris.dadness said...

Yes, it's an interesting bit of "editorialising" by the driver. If Oliver Inglis saw this I am sure he would be sending a stern letter to Google telling them to keep off the grass.