Monday, June 06, 2011

Scrapbook of 2010-11 bits

Nooget, Dog, Human - by Michael

Comic by Marcus, starring Stickman.

An unfinished directory of dragons, by Marcus

Design for a circular house, by Marcus

The Great Period of Joy, a happy time in the history of Michael's imaginary country, Noogetswan

Michael's class tried out a website called Storybird Collaborative.
He was moved to copy the name down in Greek and Arabic.

New numerals invented by Michael. Things got crazy around 9.

Some kind of alien skull.

A steamship called the Neptune by Michael

A proud freighter being loaded with goods and services(!) Also by Michael.

Michael's drawing of himself and Winston

By Marcus

Monsters by Marcus

Michael takes up a collection for his imaginary country.

Another Michael boat.


This one is self-explanatory


Wendy said...

I love your kids' drawings. They are just brilliant.

chris.dadness said...

Aw shucks. Obviously I agree or I wouldn't have posted dozens of them, eh.