Monday, September 12, 2011

Soccer: great sport, disgusting administration

An advance rant I just posted elsewhere about tonight's 4 Corners program which reveals corruption in Australia's World Cup bid process.
If you are using the disgusting corruption at this level to denigrate the worth of soccer as a sport, you are a bonehead. If you have ever blathered about The World Game being so superior and the World Cup the finest event blah blah etc - you are also a bonehead.

I love soccer, loathe FIFA, and deeply regret that Australia got its hands dirty by participating in the bid for an event that is a byword for graft. The wasted money is just an extra kick in the teeth.

FIFA insisted that South Africa allow it to set up its own court system. How any democratic country could be interested in bidding for this is beyond me - except for the fact that particular vested interests can see it will bring them rivers of cash.

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