Thursday, September 22, 2011

Talking to Americans about capital punishment

We used to execute people here in Australia too - but we don't anymore. Like slavery, race and sex discrimination, execution is an abhorrent leftover of a earlier time. I am an opponent of the death penalty in all forms, for all crimes. Not everyone shares this view.

Today's execution in Georgia of Troy Davis might be the wake-up call to some Americans to seek the repeal of the death penalty. I do not know if Davis was innocent or guilty, but having a read a bit about the case, can anyone say there was no doubt? The political nature of the appeal process is simply disgusting, and an embarrassment to a country that seeks to lead the world in its dedication to fairness, justice and equality.

In today's news, new DNA evidence casts doubt on the guilt of the last man executed when George W. Bush was governor of Texas. If none of the humanitarian arguments for repeal make a difference to you, at least consider this: governments make mistakes. Please remove from their control the capacity to mistakenly kill someone. Join the NOT IN MY NAME campaign to repeal the death penalty across America.

But what about someone who is 100% guilty of the most depraved murder? Such as Lawrence Russell Brewer, executed yesterday in Texas for the murder of James Byrd Jr, dragged behind a truck to his death just because he was black? The victim's son said "You can't fight murder with murder … Life in prison would have been fine. I know he can't hurt my daddy anymore. I wish the state would take in mind that this isn't what we want." If he can forgive his father's murderer, what gives you or Governor Rick Perry or anyone else the right to take the man's life?

Countries that still practice capital punishment: Belarus · China · Cuba · Egypt · India · Iran · Israel · Japan · Malaysia · Mongolia · North Korea · Pakistan · Saudi Arabia · Singapore · South Korea · Taiwan  · Tonga · United States · Vietnam

Remove your country from this list. Join the NOT IN MY NAME campaign to repeal the death penalty across America.

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chris rees said...

I missed Indonesia out of that list. Very careless, as they are going to execute my countrymen in a few weeks.