Monday, September 05, 2011

A solo on my sports trumpet

I had a triumphant weekend in three extremely trivial sporting areas, and I feel like telling the world.
  1. On Friday night my soccer team won 8-2. I netted a lazy five in the first half. We are on top of the ladder, and are generally considered by the rest of the comp to be fat irritating old bastards.
  2. With the last roster round of the footy, I sealed victory in my work football tipping comp. I have had a couple of lengths' lead on everyone for several months, so it's been a bit of a slow burn, but I finished on 145. I came 11,051st nationally, which doesn't sound so good but I was in the top 2%. For all those dying to know, I am planning to spend the winnings on a light woollen jumper.
  3. Also in the realm of football, I have been competing in 3 Supercoach leagues this year. It's a fantasy competition, with 16 teams to a league, where you pick a squad from all the real AFL players and your team scores according to their minutely statisticised performances each weekend. Of the three leagues I was very focussed on the Friends one, fairly focussed on the Workmates one, and didn't really give two hoots about the other which I joined as a favour to try to fill it up. I thought of them as like the seniors, reserves and Under 19s. I made the last 4 of each league, but lost the reserves Preliminary Final last week, to leave me in two Grand Finals over this past weekend. I lost the Under 19s grannie, but triumphed in the big one. Having finished 7th on the ladder I had to do it the hard way, winning 4 knock-out finals to lift the (imaginary) trophy. It was very satisfying, as I have put a lot of work into managing my team along the way.

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