Monday, November 07, 2011

Hi, blog

Hello everyone. I am slipping out of good blogging habits and I have to fight to get them back. The blogs might be dull but I am determined to keep them coming: Vegie Garden [bam!] Give Way Signs [paff!] Indoor Soccer [kapow!] - like that.

Now - I did foreshadow the indoor soccer final. We played on Friday night and were comprehensively thumped 11-2 by a team called Los Amigos de Craig Foster. Nice guys, excellent team, and a class above us. I was still disappointed by the magnitude of the loss, and that we were 4-0 down after only about 3 or 4 minutes. It was 7-1 at halftime, and we started the 2nd half really well. Pulled it back to 7-2 and for the next ten minutes no-one scored, and we poured on the pressure. Their goalie was man-of-the-match, he stopped almost everything. With not much time left we threw everything into attack (except me - I was left stuck in goal for the last 3 minutes, after which you can't change goalies). This gave them more space and they punished us with four goals in the last 2 or 3 minutes.

Now, like the Z-grade suburban league that it is, we start again this Friday. Our venerable leader Paul is taking a season or two off, and I am taking over running the team. As you know I have a shedload of excellent* team names ready to go, but I think I had better respect the tradition and keep the white shirts and the name Knackered, although I have never liked it much. Part of me would love to invest in a handsome new kit for everyone, maybe Celtic stripes or Blackburn Rovers quarters, and sally forth with a name like Turtle Albion or Spinach United.


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