Monday, November 07, 2011

Vegfest 2011

Some may be thinking "what the hell has happened to the vegie patch?" Well, my inadequately occupied friends, it lives! I went to the local hardware/garden mega-shed and carefully chose whatever they had on sale out in the carpark. Came away with parsnips, fancy lettuce, spinach and tomatoes. I believe tomatoes are tricky so if I come up with a crop there I'll be delighted. I have been cooking roasts more this year than ever before, and that's where the parsnips come into their own. They are strangely expensive in the shops for something so basic and root-vegetabular. I don't really like fancy lettuce much, although you can can pick it progressively as it grows. Last year all my icebergs were ready at once and we didn't do them justice Elf didn't like them as they were sluggy.

 I also have some chives in that I don't remember planting, and some garlic dad planted for me which is cranking along nicely. Elf bought me some mulch today and I have just mulched for the first time in my life. Felt great.

Left to right: spinach, garlic, tomatoes. Behind: grass - my specialty.

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