Sunday, November 13, 2011

RIP Peter Roebuck

Just heard a minute ago - cricket broadcaster and writer Peter Roebuck passed away overnight in South Africa. I am almost in shock - the cricket season is just getting going, and over the years he has become my primary guide to what's going on. I have been listening to and reading him every day, every summer, for many years.

I just printed and read his latest article yesterday. It's on the table and Marcus has been drawing dogs and cats on it.

Poor Peter. He's been in the blog before - I think he had a difficult life in a lot of ways. I haven't heard the details of his death but circumstances lead me to think he took his own life.

It bears saying again: sometimes a person feels like life is in a downward spiral and it just cannot be borne. But for most people, things do slowly get better - make sure you live long enough to be around when they do. That's all.

If you have never read one of his articles here is a beauty. Cricket knowledge not essential.

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