Friday, July 27, 2012

Flames leaping in the living room

Today our new woodstove arrived, and I am now sitting in front of it, with dog, cat and glass of cheap muscat. 

About the muscat - I recently inherited a beautiful decanter that was my grandmother's. Obviously needing something to decant, I went looking in the fortified wine section, and came out with a 2-litre glass flagon of muscat. This cost all of ten bucks, and I declined a paper bag in case the bottleshop attendant thought I was a hopeless case heading straight for the nearest park bench - which he did anyway. It's a bit like sweet grapey metho, but it's a beautiful colour in the decanter.

The woodstove has long been a dream of Elf's, ever since we were designing the house. Ideally we would have had a built-in fireplace with a mantelpiece and crossed blunderbusses (blunderbi, sorry) hanging on the wall - but we have a standalone unit with a flue going up to the slopey cathedral ceiling. Looks quite nice, and its doing a great job. It's probably 1/3 about (A) giving the room a focus and 2/3 about (B) keeping us warm. A 100 watt column heater doesn't have quite the same welcoming ambience.

So - if you are in the neighbourhood, come by and burn some wood with us.

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