Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Knackered 4 d Abstract 2, Indoor Soccer Grand Final

We surprised ourselves by getting to the Grand Final and winning it on Friday night. Three weeks ago we were out of the top four, then we beat the top team Wilkins in our last roster game to sneak in.

Last week in the semi final we came from behind to beat Eskimo Pie. Ed and Paul won it for us with outstanding goalkeeping. Meanwhile Wilkins unexpectedly lost their semi to Abstract.

The final was incredibly tight - we were down 1-0 at halftime. Brett equalised just after halftime, then I found Ed twice in about 3 minutes for 2 more goals. One pass was a square ball across the goal circle, and the other was actually a backheel. Cam is dismayed at the thought it going to encourage more backheel attempts in future. Ed's finishing was perfect each time.

Abstract got a goal back, and I was feeling pretty tense (and wondering about it going to penalties if they scored again). Then Paul wriggled free to score and made it 4-2, and that was it. Everyone played well and Josh (our recent Balinese recruit) had his best game ever, and really worked hard defensively.

Going into a shared weekend away with Ed and his family, it felt great to have combined to pull off this win that looked out of the question a few weeks back.

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