Friday, February 12, 2016

Backyard cricket

I am at home with Winston at the moment, and as I walked past him I just thought how nice it would be if I could teach him to bowl a good line and length at fast medium pace. Marcus and I played a lot of cricket on the deck over the school holidays, and we are still having a hit in the evening most days.

Elf bought us a cube of tennis balls, 64 of them! So that brings an end to the old problem of having to suspend play when the 2 or 3 balls we had were lost over fences or into bushes.

This has ramifications for our neighbours on both sides. In the past they would toss back a ball when they found it. Now its more likely to 3 or 5 balls. Yesterday Sharyn politely lobbed seven balls back to our side. They are mostly from Marcus bowling short and wide enough to miss the lattice screen behind the wickets, but one came from a mis-timed hook shot that came off the toe of my bat and went high enough to hurt when it came down. Fortunately the yard next door was deserted at the time and there are no prize orchids or porcelain garden ornaments to suffer.

I will keep working on Winston because if I could train him to drop them regularly on a good length just on middle stump I could perfect my leg glance.

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