Tuesday, February 09, 2016

New Town namaste

A few weeks ago I went for a stroll around a bit of the New Town/Moonah border that was new to me. I am on a non-profit board now (!) and I had to be dropped off for a meeting 40 minutes early for logistics reasons. Its near the New Town High School so I just wandered up through it along what is probably the New Town Rivulet.

I came to a small path and bridge that led from the sports grounds of the school into a back street of industrial Moonah, and there I saw this.

I took some dull photos on my phone and put them on Facebook asking for information. Matt Kirkcaldie piped up to say;
That's the Newtown Cool Store where my friends Laura McCusker and Peter Howard have their furniture workshop. The walls are insulated with human hair clippings!
So I was back there for another meeting today at a more photo-friendly time of day; but the good camera's battery was dying so I just got these two pics. This is some kind of van, and written on the side is  PEANUT BUTTER    MAYONNAISE    SUPER SPREAD.

As I was approaching to take the pics, a tiny man and lady appeared from the other direction, possibly they just crossed the little bridge. Although its a hot day they had a few layers on - the lady trailed a little way behind the man. I said hello to him and he gave me a lovely smile and said 'Good day'. I said 'Good morning' to the smiling little lady and she gave me a perfect 'Namaste' with praying hands. I quickly namaste'd in return. Let me tell you I am not a guy who'll start a namaste on the street but if one breaks out I am quite prepared to join in boots and all.

Anyway, that quite made my day. Here are the phone pics. The strange round rusty thing by the gate, according to Jan Dallas, is a "plough disc adapted for reinforcement of brick wall, re- hinges, I reckon."

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